Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Yeah, yeah. I know.

So I fell off the wagon. Sue me. What can I do? The first few days of Prednisone, I held on strong. Then it went downhill. I gave in to cravings and soda and ugh. So, I'm starting over. Actually, I started over. I weighed in Monday, and have been doing "My" thing. I've decided I can't give all of everything up, or I'll give in and quit. That doesn't work.

So here's My Diet. Feel free to follow, use, abuse, or point and laugh. 
-Portion control. Yes, food is good. Just Limit it! Don't go crazy, save it so you can have some tomorrow :)

- Have a soda. A. Soda. Not 2, not 12. 1. That's it. limits, woman, limits

-Exercise. But not "Imma lift this couch 50 times" exercise. Walk a little. Then walk a little more. Do some sit ups and push ups. A couple. Then do a couple more. Get your strength back. It took more than a day to lose it, so it's gonna take more than a day to get it back. 

-Talk about it. Blog about it. Make people laugh, or cry. Put yourself out there. There is only one life, and you have to live it. 

-Use supplements. Or don't. I won't go broke using them. I'm not a good MLM'er. I love what I take. If you ask, I'll share. Would I like for you to use and like what I take? Heck yes, but I'm not going to shove it down your throat. 

-Don't Quit. Just don't. You have to do this. For you, for your family. But mostly for you. I'm not ready to die, but my body is not happy with me. A change is needed.

Personally, it's been a rough few weeks. I'm struggling internally. It's nothing anyone has done, or anything that can be fixed by anyone but me. However, love, support and positive comments from everyone has sure helped. 

I plan on blogging. I feel a lot better when I do. I may say or do things that offend some, and I'm sorry if I do. Please feel free to message me personally if I do. I'm always worried about what others think, and I never want to hurt people's feelings. 

Thanks all, for hangin in there with me. It's much appreciated. 

See y'all soon, baboons!

Short Goal: 50lbs by October 10.
Long Goal:  150lbs. 
LBS left to lose.....150

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  1. I've been taking a break myself this summer but I'm ready to get back on this with you. It's so hard, though, when people bring out good food in the summer. My downfall is snacks. I love snacks. Chips and Dip. That's what I should have named my kids.