Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I Suck at Blogging

Hello Friends.

As you can see, I suck at blogging. Want to know what else I suck at? Dieting. Yup. I do. At this point, last I checked, I'm only down 5 pounds. Total. That stinks. I was so far ahead of this point, and I seem to have taken a step back. I'm not proud, believe me.

Dieting, life changes, exercise's all hard. It requires willpower I can't keep roped in. I want to make these changes, and feel better, and be around for a long time.....and have another baby. So why do I give in so easy? And really, as far as food goes, I do ok. Sometimes I eat too much, but for the most part, I make decent choices and keep my servings reasonable. 

Soda. Coke. Pop. Whatever you want to call it. It's my kryptonite. Cherry coke, and Sprite, specifically. And water is so dang boring. And it makes me pee a lot. Ain't nobody got time for that.

I HATE diet soda, and aspartame is death in a bottle. So that option is out. I gave soda up for Lent, and didn't cheat one time. I did really well at limiting and not drinking it for several weeks after lent. Why can I not stay away from it? 

I try to not buy it. Don't get it at the store. Not a problem, right? So I'll drive through and grab it, or order it at lunch and then ask for one "to go". I do this to myself!! What's wrong with me? Why can't I just say no?

What I don't want is a bunch of people telling me what to do. I know what I'm supposed to do. I know HOW to lose weight. It's easy. Make good choices, add exercise, eat breakfast, drink lots of water. Avoid sugar. So why can't I just do it? I'm 34, can't seem to get it together. My time to have another child (or 2 *ahem*) is quickly running out. I feel so selfish. It's so dumb! It's soda! Just stop!

I can talk myself into drinking soda. "You deserve one, it's been a rough day". "You can't keep your eyes open this am! Have a coke, you need caffeine." "It's just one at lunch! no biggie." What the hell is wrong with me?! Seriously! I'm so mad and frustrated at myself, and that doesn't help either. 

What do you all think? Any grand ideas on how to keep me on track? What do you do to avoid bad things in your diet?

I promise to do better at blogging. It helps me more than I realize. Y'all are amazing.

After While, Crocodiles!

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