Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Today is going so much better. Stress levels are down, happiness levels are up. It's a better day :)

As far as my "diet" goes, it's going ok! I'm learning that I can't cut everything out, because that's when you have issues. Like, Binge eating issues. We don't want that. So, a little here and a little there. As long as I am taking supplements, doing some exercise, and following somewhat of a plan, I'm feeling good.

Water. Oooo, water is hard. According to "perfect weight loss guidelines" (that's not a thing, just what I've read over and over...) you are supposed to drink half your body weight in oz of water. So....if I do that, Noah will be building an arc somewhere in my body, and I might as well travel with a toilet. 'Cause damn! Not gonna share exactly how much that would be, because some of you smarties would know how much I weigh. Not ready for that just yet. I'll reveal eventually, and share the dreaded before pic. *shivers* Just know that my goal is a gallon a day, and I've not reached that just yet. And that's pure water. Nothing else counts, for me at least. I don't drink coffee, ugh, and tea? Puke.

Exercise. It's going! I've done crunches, and I increase the amount of them I do by 5 each day, so that's good. I can feel the burn. Wall push ups, well, I just want my arms to not be gross. That's where I'm going with that. Walking?! 2 days in a row, and for now I'm walking around my Mom's cul-de-sac. Don't be impressed. It's an embarrassingly small area to walk. Yesterday I did it and had to stop 3 times. Today? No stops! Still hard, still out of breath, but I didn't stop. That's pretty sweet. I'm proud of myself for that. 

My darkness? I'm slowly coming back into the light. I feel better. Yesterday after I blogged, I had to medicate and lay down. Sometimes you just have to. I feel like I'm in a much more positive state now. Things are hard, but are slowly getting better. Thanks to Sandy (love me some Fox's), I realize that we did do what we could for Suki. She had a great life. She had 2 beautiful litters that we weren't planning on, but happened. She got to be an only dog for awhile, she got to be buddies, she got lots of treats. She's lived in neighborhoods, on a farm, and chased chickens. We miss her lots, but I know she's in a better place, and she went home for Racey's birthday. Y'all might remember Racey, our american foxhound? Well, Sunday we would have celebrated her 17th birthday. She was a great dog, and she helped mold Suki into the awesome mother dog that she was. We miss them both, but we know we'll see them again. 

In other news...Eli has 2 days of school left. He's super excited. He's currently helping Chad make dinner, which is awesome. He's my sweet, emotional, hilarious almost 4th grader. I'm so proud of him. 

Thank you all for your interest, for reading my thoughts, and for your encouragement. I appreciate it. 

I may step on the scale tomorrow...we will see. 
TTFN- Ta Ta for Now :)