Monday, May 18, 2015

Day 0, AKA Day 1

I only say Day 1 because I'm doing an 8 day challenge to kick off this lifestyle change. I would normally call this Day 0. Want to know why?! Everyone says "The first day is the hardest!". That is SO untrue!  Day 2 is the hardest. Cravings are starting to kick in, and you think in your mind "I did good yesterday! I can have a little (Fill in the blank {Sprite}) and get right back on the horse tomorrow!" Guess what. That doesn't work, because the next thing you know, it's "Eh, I'll start again next Monday."

I'm not doing that this time. Heck no! I'm serious! I'm tired of feeling sick, and I'm sick of feeling tired!! I'm tired of feeling like I have to make the first "fat" joke in the room, so people know that I know I'm fat! Or somehow working into the conversation the words "prednisone" or "PCOS". Or "Bacon". Cause, you know. It's Bacon. 

All this to day, my day 1 is going well. I've not completed my crunch challenge yet, (25 for today!). I was busy at work and worked up a sweat many times. I know that doesn't count as working out, but I can't do that yet. How sad is it that I need to lose weight to be able to work out. I'm doing it. I just can't believe it came to that. 

I'm drinking water. Not a full gallon yet, because I don't like to spend my WHOLE day in the bathroom, but I've had about half. I'll work up to the whole over the next week. I have had my supplements, I had a high protein breakfast and lunch, with a few carbs because nobody wants to catch Sara when her "sugars" drop. :) No, I don't have diabetes. But thanks to PCOS, I have insulin issues. No worries, I've got this. 

How is your day going? What do you think so far? Don't be shy! I'm here for you, and would love input. Or criticism. Whatever. 

laters, babies!

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  1. First off I want to say you are amazing for doing this!!! I can't imagine trying to just stop drinking soda (mountain dew is my vice) but I KNOW I NEED TOO.. I'd hate to think I'd have to diet all my life to stay healthy but I think it's more than just diet it's a whole lifestyle change. We are so busy as I know you are too that getting some fast food is easier than cooking when youve had a long day or are running everywhere. So i try and plan out what well have for the week. I know if we stop cold turkey on the soda, sugar, etc our bodies will change ..we feel more irritable tired. So I think by starting slow that could be the best thing. Instead of so many (blank) just have one or two and slowly go down. I am definitely no prime example but just throwing some ideas to help :) keep it up girl !!